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She is calm & relaxed & takes her time getting all the perfect pictures!

We just had our family photos taken with Tara ... she is amazing in so many ways! My kids have never been so amazing with a photographer before. And our photos are like art! They are absolutely stunning!

We will cherish our photos forever. Tara is professional and sweet and truly takes the prettiest photos! You will LOVE spending time with her, and LOVE every single picture!

Taking pictures of young kids has proven to be difficult in the past, but everything went so seamlessly & even the moments the kids weren’t really “behaving”, Tara managed to turn it into a moment of love capturing their personalities perfectly!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tara! When she came over, my daughter opened the door and immediately gave her the biggest hug, and she never does that with people!

She clearly has a way with people (kids and adults) that just put you at ease and make you happy and comfortable through out your photo shoot. When we got our pictures back, I just about died. They are my favorite family pictures we have ever taken!!

My husband even enjoyed himself which is reeeeally saying something!

“Fun” isn’t a word I’m sure most people associate with family photos. But I have to say from the planning process, the day of, and the follow up of ordering and receiving the beautiful images, Tara makes the whole process enjoyable and easy. She’s one of those sweet, warm, kind individuals that you (and most importantly, your kids!) feel immediately comfortable with. This (aside from her incredible photography skills) is what creates such stunning images.

My family and I just hung out at the beach, played and laughed together as we usually do (ok maybe slightly nicer clothes and more makeup than usual) and the result was amazing images of my crew that I will cherish forever. Tara is a very rare blend of artistic vision, brilliant execution, and a friendly warm personality. 

We've used a ton of photographers over the years. Our session with Tara was easily the best.

I have a hard time describing just how good she is, but I think the best indicator is the way she takes pictures. Everything was done with a traditional camera and film, not a digital camera. When I saw that I was, at first, concerned. How could anyone hope to take a usable picture of our four boys, all of whom were doing their best impressions of the Tasmanian Devil, without taking a million digitals and either picking the least chaotic one or making a composite image? Then we saw the pictures, and now I'm convinced she's capable of freezing time. The Flash would have been a better superhero name for a photographer, right? Barry Allen should relinquish the title to Tara.

In any case, we expected to only like a few of the pictures, but they were all perfect, so we bought them all. When the physical pictures arrived, there was a lot more pomp and circumstance that we're accustomed to receiving. Everything was wrapped about as well as I would do if I was trying to apologize to my wife for forgetting her birthday, and we received several personal notes from her along the way. I can't speak highly enough about every aspect of Tara's shoot or the care that she took after the fact.

Our family portrait session with Tara was above & beyond what I could have ever dreamed. From the beginning to the end she designed, planned & shot the images that have become our favorite family portraits we have ever had taken. 

We walked away with the best memories of our time together that my children still talk about our sunny day at the beach with that nice lady photographer almost 2 years later. 

I was nervous about how my children might behave as they don’t typically respond well during family sessions. When they started acting up, I began in with my typical mother tone but Tara got down on their level and communicated with them so beautifully they were magically connected to her. They loved her so much! Truly we have the most precious images of them smiling back at her through the camera lens that just melt my heart and it was Tara bringing out the best in them. I can’t not recommend Tara enough! What a talent! 

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