Newborn Sessions | Kent Avenue Photography



a fresh take on timeless

Simplicity. It has a hold of our heart something fierce. Love and light ~ that is truly ALL we need.

welcome home little one.


preserving all those
sweet bits

It’s all a bit of a blur. A pretty amazing, pretty exhausting, heart-swelling blur! And as days turn into weeks, your little one continues to grow. All those teeny, tiny features change so quickly! Those wispy eyelashes, those little lips and those papery thin nails ~ all those sweet bits that are forever ingrained on your heart.



I want you to remember ALL of it. How they felt wrapped safely in your arms. The gentle sounds of breathing as they lay dreaming in the crook of your neck. The way they looked at you and the weight of their little bodies as you held them close. Simple, blissful, fleeting moments. moments. Memories of that hazy glow that you never, ever want to fade.

nayyirah waheed

That feeling. That you can not name. That is your heart growing.

You crave artful, honest images; 
non-traditional, ultra relaxed portraits, curled up in the arms of the ones you love. 
Let's tell your story ~ a story to be passed down for generations.

pure sweetness

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